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Used Sign Parts, Lighting, and Equipment

This page is for random items that are used but still have a good life left to them. All items on this page are as is and any indicated prices do not include crating and shipping costs.

Halophane Lights_edited.jpg

These lights are used but still have a lot of life left in them. We will remove all of the ballasts and outdated lighting components. The light fixtures can house up to a 1000W LED equivalent.


Great for parking lot lighting, farm lighting, and shop lighting. They will ship clean and ready to wire. 50+ lights are available. 

Call for more details. 229-472-6104.


Nothing to sell here

Used signs, lighting and parts will be listed in this area as they become available.


Nothing listed here yet

We are constantly refurbishing, repairing, and installing new signs. Check back regularly for used parts.


Nothing here yet.

Check back regularly for new listings.

Everyone needs a cheaper alternative sometimes.

We will list used signs, equipment, and lighting here. All listed items are as is. We will refurbish it to like new or send it to you the way it was taken down. 

Contact us about any listed item on our contact page.

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