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Halophane Lights_edited.jpg

These lights are used but still have a lot of life left in them. We will remove all of the ballasts and outdated lighting components. The light fixtures can house up to a 1000W LED equivalent direct wire.

Outside dimensions - 21"w x 22"l x 11"d

Mounting pole - works best with 1 1/2" o.d.


Great for parking lot lighting, farm lighting, industrial, and shop lighting. They will ship clean and ready to wire. 50+ lights are available. 

Call for more details. 229-472-6104.

Billboard Light

Used Holophane - up to 1000W equivalent LED bulb. 

Wet locations


Used outdoor lighting, parking lot lighting, shop lighting, farm lighting, and industrial lighting.

As is - $150 each. Does not include crating or shipping costs. Contact for more info.

Used light fixture

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